Adopting a child can be one of the most rewarding events in your life and the life of the child who will become a part of your family. Yet the adoption process itself often appears confusing to some. Texas adoption attorneys point out that if you are interested in adopting a child, you need to understand the entire process and how to successfully progress through it. With the assistance of experienced adoption lawyers, it is so rewarding to welcome a child into your loving family!

Adoption Options in Texas

In the state of Texas, adoption attorneys and professionals recognize three different adoption placement organizations that are available, each with different requirements:

  • Domestic Agencies - These are U.S. agencies that facilitate the adoption process, providing expecting mothers and hopeful parents with counseling and other services. They work with parents and their legal counsel to finalize an agreement.  
  • Foster Care Agencies - This category includes state foster care agencies that work with interested parents to place as many as 25% of all children who enter the foster care system. Since many are older children, there are additional requirements for prospective parents.  
  • International Agencies - Included in this grouping are state and national agencies that assist with the placement of children from all over the world.

Find the Right Adoption Professional

To legally adopt a child, you must work with an approved adoption professional who will make sure you meet all requirements and help you go through the process. Parents can choose to work with adoption lawyers and law centers, local, regional, or national agencies, and adoption facilitators.

Facilitators can assist you with the process but cannot place children. It is best to work with experienced adoption attorneys and a reputable agency.

Filing As an Adoptive Family

Once you have chosen a professional to assist, it is time to begin completing the paperwork required to become a waiting family. This includes filling out an Adoptive Planning Questionnaire (APQ) and creating a family profile to submit to the agency for the expectant mother to review.

Families must then complete adoptive training home study courses in order to be fully approved. Once your family has been accepted, you will wait until a child is offered for placement with you.

Being Approved As An Adoptive Family

In Texas, adoption lawyers find that most families have a child placed with them in anywhere from a few weeks to a year. Choices made by expectant mothers are usually based on preference, personal beliefs, and their belief that your family as represented in your family profile will raise the child in the best possible way.

Legalizing the Adoption

The last step in the adoption process is obtaining the legal consent of the birth mother. After the baby is born, adoption attorneys advise there is a waiting period of 48 hours. At this time, a finalization hearing is held so the birth mother can sign the documents and finalize the process. The birth mother then gives up her parental rights and transfers them to the waiting family.


After your adoption has been completed and you return home with your child, you can expect some continued contact from your home study professional who will conduct mandatory post-placement, in-home visits. These visits usually go on for a few months and serve to ensure the placement is going well and that everyone is adjusting to the new addition to the family.

Although the adoption process can take some time, adoption attorneys agree that the outcome is well worth the effort involved. The best way to get through this process easily and without complications is by working with experienced adoption lawyers who can guide you every step of the way!

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