Adoption is a wonderful, rewarding experience that can positively change the lives of adoptive parents and children. There are a number of ways to adopt a child in the state of Texas; however, the adoption process can be lengthy and confusing. So it is important for prospective adoptive parents to work with experienced adoption attorneys so that proper rules are followed and no questions remain about the legality of an adoption.

Types Of Adoptions

All of the individual states in the U.S. have adoption programs and legal, licensed adoption agencies. The process is not the same in every state nor is every type of adoption allowed in every state. In Texas, there are three basic categories of adoption:

  • Private Adoptions – These are adoptions that occur between a birth person or family and an adoptive family, usually through an agency or with an adoption attorney licensed to oversee adoptions. Private adoptions include the adoption of newborns as well as older children and special needs children.

  • CPS Adoptions – This type of adoption is done through Child Protective Services and includes children who have been removed from situations of neglect, abuse or abandonment.

  • International Adoptions – This kind of adoption is arranged through agencies that deal with children of any age from the U.S. and other countries who are placed into adoptive homes for a variety of reasons.

Open vs. Closed Adoptions

Private adoptions are categorized into two sub-categories – open or closed. An open adoption is when birth parents and adoptive parents meet under the guidance of an adoption agency or adoption attorneys to work out the details collectively. Closed adoptions are when birth parents choose not to meet the adoptive parents or want their identities revealed; these arrangements are made exclusively through an agency.

Adoption Of A Stepchild

A stepparent may legally adopt the children of their spouse. This is done through adoption court, where the biological or legal parent must sign an affidavit waiving their legal rights as parent. With the help of an adoption attorney, the stepparent is then able to adopt the stepchild and become their legal parent.

For stress-free adoptions, it is important for prospective parents who wish to adopt a child to contact a licensed adoption agency or CPS and learn the requirements of adoption – or work with qualified and experienced adoption attorneys. Taking on the responsibility of a child is a legal process that must be done correctly to avoid any problems in the future. Take the first step in being a positive change in a child’s life and contact a qualified adoption lawyer today!