When it comes to legal matters between family members, it is important to seek the services of the right attorney. Family law is its own legal specialty, requiring the counsel of experienced family law attorneys who are proficient at helping in matters between individual family members. For the best results, individuals should work with lawyers most familiar with all the areas included in the family law category.

Who Are Family Members?

Family law generally deals with matters concerning immediate members of a family: spouses and children; grandparents; adoptive parents/foster parents and children; and other extended family members related by blood. Any matters that involve underage children are heard in family court and also require experienced family law counsel, as decisions are frequently based on separate rules that take children and family situations into special consideration.

Legal Matters Seen In Family Court

Legal issues heard in family court are related to legal procedures, such as adoptions, or involve some kind of dispute or dissolution, like a divorce. Following are some of the things family law attorneys may handle for their clients:

  • Partnerships – Under family law, marriages and associated concerns such as prenuptial agreements, estates, and other relationship agreements are handled by family law attorneys. These same lawyers also handle separation agreements, divorces, annulments, division of marital property, and spousal support.

  • Children – All adoptions, foster care arrangements, guardianship, custody agreements, child support, and other cases pertaining to children are seen in the court system under family law. This also includes child abuse cases and those occasions where children of a certain age wish to petition for different custody or guardianship arrangements.

  • Parental Rights – Paternity cases, assignment and termination of parental rights, parental liability, and other such cases that concern the legal relationship between biological parents and their children may fall under the auspices of family law. This includes decisions regarding legal and financial responsibility for things such as medical care, education, and other related topics.

  • Abuse – Spousal, child, parental, and other forms of neglect or abuse that occur between family members or are connected through a legal family agreement are often heard in family court. These cases are serious ones that receive the same consideration as any other criminal cases; because they involve children or family members, it is necessary to view these issues in a different setting and with a more specialized set of rules to protect all those involved in order to provide a fair trial.

While these are not the only cases heard under the jurisdiction of family law, most family cases are assigned under one of these main groups. The important thing to remember is that dealing with a situation involving family relationships and/or children requires sound advice from experienced and qualified family law attorneys.