Would Mediation Be Beneficial For Your Divorce?

Divorce in College Station Texas

Ending a marriage is never easy. Fortunately, not all divorces require resolution in front of a judge in a trial setting. By working with experienced divorce lawyers, you may be able to terminate your marriage quickly and easily through the use of mediation. Mediation is a required part [...]


Divorce in Texas – Community vs. Separate Property


Division of property is a critical part of all divorce proceedings, one that is frequently responsible for much of the stress during a divorce. States have varying laws regarding property division, recognizing different terms and different ways that marital property must be divided. The Texas family court [...]


Warning Signs You Need To See A Divorce Attorney!

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Marriages can go through some difficult times for a variety of reasons. Although the idea of separating may be lurking in the background of a marriage for some time, many divorce attorneys can attest to the fact that a spouse is often surprised or caught off guard when the other spouse actually [...]