Does Your Co-Parenting Meet Child Custody Expectations?

Divorces are undoubtedly hard on everyone involved, including any minor children.

Child custody lawyers know they can be very challenging for the parents of any children as well, particularly when parties must co-parent as part of their custody agreement.

Family law attorneys point out that co-parenting does involve both parents; [...]

Texas Child Custody And Geographic Restriction Considerations

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Geographic restrictions are factors that child custody lawyers know can complicate some custody cases. If you are a parent with primary custody, you cannot move away from your child’s other parent without express permission from the family court.

When you must move, it is essential that both parents [...]

Do You Understand Court-Ordered Child Custody Modifications?

Child Custody Attorneys in College Station Texas

When you divorced, you worked with family law attorneys to obtain a favorable agreement regarding child custody and visitation. Those agreements were most likely negotiated by your child custody attorney and were based on the personal circumstances surrounding you and your former spouse at the time of the divorce.

Personal circumstances change or one parent may fail to follow [...]

Dispelling Some Common Misconceptions About Shared Parenting!

Family Law Attorneys in College Station Texas

When parents divorce, family law attorneys can help them reach favorable custody arrangements based on their own unique circumstances. Child custody attorneys find that in most situations, shared custody or joint managing conservatorship as it is known in Texas is preferred by the court and more beneficial for [...]