How Does Residency Affect Your Filing For Divorce?

A common question that many people have for divorce attorneys is whether it matters where they file for divorce and if filing first can impact the case.

In Texas, there are a few rules that dictate where your attorney can file a petition on your behalf.

Whether or not filing [...]


Important Parenting Mistakes to Avoid In The Divorce Process!

When couples with children decide to end their marriage, divorce attorneys advise that the process can become more complicated and lengthy than if children were not involved.

If you are looking at divorce, you may need to speak with lawyers who are experienced in drawing up parenting plans to help [...]


Agreed vs Contested Divorces in Texas – Which Is Best For Me?

Most divorce lawyers are well aware that an agreed or uncontested divorce is much easier to obtain than a contested one.

Texas divorce attorneys also recognize that not every divorce should go uncontested.

Some situations require additional attention to make certain that the marriage is properly terminated in accordance with [...]


Top 5 Reasons To Retain An Experienced Divorce Lawyer!

While not all divorces turn into hotly-contested, emotional events, it is still highly recommended that you hire a divorce lawyer to help you through the proceedings.

A divorce attorney can be instrumental in making sure the termination of your marriage progresses correctly so that you can move on more easily with [...]


Do You Know The Emotional Stages Of A Divorce?

Attorneys who help their clients with a divorce understand that the ending of a marriage is a stressful and emotional event for most people. Although every person goes through each stage differently, divorce lawyers find that most people go through a similar series of emotions as they progress through the [...]


Divorce in Texas – Community vs. Separate Property


Division of property is a critical part of all divorce proceedings, one that is frequently responsible for much of the stress during a divorce. States have varying laws regarding property division, recognizing different terms and different ways that marital property must be divided. The Texas family court [...]


Warning Signs You Need To See A Divorce Attorney!

Divorce Attorneys in College Station Texas

Marriages can go through some difficult times for a variety of reasons. Although the idea of separating may be lurking in the background of a marriage for some time, many divorce attorneys can attest to the fact that a spouse is often surprised or caught off guard when the other spouse actually [...]