Are You Ready to Handle the Emotional Stages Of Your Divorce?

Divorce may be a life-disruptive, emotional roller coaster that can leave you wondering if your life will ever be normal again.

Rather than heading into the process blindly, divorce lawyers advise their clients that preparing yourself emotionally can be a huge help.

Part of that preparation involves knowing there are [...]


A Financial Listing For Your Divorce – You Must Be Truthful!

The division of marital property is one of the more challenging and often heated parts of divorce proceedings that many divorce lawyers encounter when representing a client during a divorce.

Divorce attorneys find that property division is a prime cause of contested divorces; it is also a time when one [...]


Why Divorce May be Your Better Option!

Every couple gets married with the best of intentions and the hope they won’t ever need to talk with divorce lawyers in the future.

Unfortunately, current statistics suggest that almost half of all couples will eventually split up.

While you and your spouse will surely do everything to maintain a [...]


Agreed vs Contested Divorces in Texas – Which Is Best For Me?

Most divorce lawyers are well aware that an agreed or uncontested divorce is much easier to obtain than a contested one.

Texas divorce attorneys also recognize that not every divorce should go uncontested.

Some situations require additional attention to make certain that the marriage is properly terminated in accordance with [...]


Top 5 Reasons To Retain An Experienced Divorce Lawyer!

While not all divorces turn into hotly-contested, emotional events, it is still highly recommended that you hire a divorce lawyer to help you through the proceedings.

A divorce attorney can be instrumental in making sure the termination of your marriage progresses correctly so that you can move on more easily with [...]


Do You Know The Emotional Stages Of A Divorce?

Attorneys who help their clients with a divorce understand that the ending of a marriage is a stressful and emotional event for most people. Although every person goes through each stage differently, divorce lawyers find that most people go through a similar series of emotions as they progress through the [...]


Military Divorce – Equitable Division of the SBP!

Divorce Lawyers in College Station Texas

One situation that divorce lawyers may deal with is giving advice to military spouses who are seeking a divorce. These circumstances can be somewhat different than the standard termination of marriage, since dividing a Survivor’s Benefit Plan or SBP can become quite involved. Texas laws that pertain to military income [...]