Conservatorship, often called child custody, in Texas that involves the parent-child relationship is determined by the Family Law Court system. Details of the court's decision are outlined in a court order known as a parenting plan, a document that both parents are required to follow while raising their child or children. It is the mutual goal of child support lawyers and the court system to keep both parents involved as outlined in the parenting plan.  This is a goal that is intended to provide the greatest benefit to involved children.

Enforcing child custody and support orders is not always as easy as it should be, making it necessary at times for parents to seek additional assistance from the Family Law Court and child support law firms. When one of the parties refuses to comply with custody or support orders, it may be necessary for child support attorneys to become involved after conservatorship arrangements have been completed.

When Custody and Support Orders Are Ignored

Whether a parent is having problems meeting the requirements set forth in court ordered custody and support arrangements for any reason, that parent is vulnerable to penalties being assessed because court orders were not followed. Law firms that handle child support issues advise clients that court orders impose a legal responsibility on each parent to fulfill the documented orders; failure to do so for any reason is unlawful and can be enforced by the state if requested by the custodial parent.

Non-compliance with a court order by one parent dos not automatically give the other parent the right to refrain from compliance in other related areas.  One common example of this is seen by child support lawyers when a parent who is ordered to pay child support does not correctly make such payments.  The custodial parent then feels justified in altering the visitation schedule to punish the other parent.  Actually, both parents are not following court orders and may need legal representation to resolve the issues involved.

How Are Child Custody Arrangements Enforced?

When one parent does not comply with a child custody or support order, the other parent should speak with child support attorneys and not take the situation into their own hands. Failure to comply with court orders under any circumstance requires legal intervention to enforce compliance. Whether this means modifying a custody or support agreement or some other way to enforce the prescribed parenting plan, it must be done through the court system. There are a number of ways the courts may choose to enforce documented orders, which will be decided based on individual circumstances. Most importantly, no parent should consider violating a court order without consulting their attorney, just because both parties have privately agreed on the changes.

Adhering to a parenting plan is essential for both parents; however, when one parent refuses to abide by the order, the other involved parent should contact their child support attorney to discuss how to address the situation. Child support law firms can advise parents about modifying a court order when personal or financial circumstances have changed, which is more suitable for both parents. The goal of child support lawyers is to help parents agree on how to best provide for their children within custody and support boundaries.

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