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A common issue that many divorce attorneys see parents struggle with is household rules for their children after the divorce. Although this may not seem like a major concern as long as other issues like visitation and child support are resolved, family law attorneys find that it can be a  problem. Divorce lawyers agree that failure to set consistent rules for children in both homes can cause friction and even affect parent-child relationships.

Children of Divorce Need Stability

As divorce attorneys can attest, ending a marriage is not only stressful for the adults involved, but also for their children. Divorce can be a scary time for kids. Children who experience the separation of their parents and the family household may question how this will affect their lives and what will happen to them in the future. It may also affect a child’s relationship with one or both of their parents.

Family law attorneys agree that setting rules is one of the most productive ways to help children deal with the upheaval of divorce and any feelings of stress or loss of control in changing circumstances. Divorce lawyers find that when consistent rules are observed in both households, it provides essential stability and structure to children of divorce. It helps them understand what to expect in each home and realize there will still be routines and consistency in their lives.

The Importance of Consistent Household Rules

Divorce attorneys further point out that consistent rules ensure agreement between parents and reduce the chance of conflict that could be upsetting or confusing to children. It promotes a positive relationship between children and both of their parents by avoiding situations where kids can hold the actions of one parent against the other. This kind of friction between kids and their parents can lead to friction between the parents.

How to Set the Consistent Rules During A Divorce

To facilitate household rule setting, family law attorneys suggest this be discussed during custody and visitation negotiations. It can be easier to come to agreements on household rules while working with divorce lawyers and mediators than leaving it until later.

Rule setting during custody negotiation also gives parents control over child raising decisions when they can agree, rather than leaving the decisions to a judge when they cannot. Coming to positive agreements that both parents are willing to follow requires compromise yet results in more cohesive co-parenting with less incidence of disputes.

Although it may seem that some relaxation of household rules may make it easier on children when their parents have divorced, divorce attorneys find the opposite to be true. Family law attorneys stress that children need structure and routine in their lives during this time to help them accept the changes that the end of a marriage can bring. Divorce lawyers and many child specialists agree that consistent household rules are instrumental in creating a positive home environment and maintaining close family relationships!

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