Most attorneys who handle divorce cases would agree that the divorce process could be much simpler without some of the stressful decisions divorcing couples must make. Experienced divorce lawyers are often able to help a couple come up with creative resolutions to the problems that can complicate even seemingly simple divorces. By working together, and using a little common sense, a divorce can be accomplished in a positive manner, even in the following potentially sensitive areas.

Homes and Vacation Timeshares

As part of a divorce settlement, couples may sell their shared home or allow one spouse to buy the other spouse's interest. Selling the house to finalize a divorce takes care of many problems; however, this may be easier said than done. When one spouse can afford to continue paying the mortgage and keep the home, the other spouse may feel left out of their “fair share.” It is better to consider this option so both spouses do not lose everything they invested in their home. If neither spouse can continue to make the payments, they may want to consider creative options such as a short sale after discussing the situation with the mortgage lender. It is at least a way to sell the home, even if for less than market value.

This can also be applicable to any vacation homes or timeshares jointly purchased by the couple For couples who decide to keep their timeshares or vacation homes, it is certainly possible to work out a vacation schedule so both can continue to use this property. This is a great solution for couples with children, as a rotating vacation schedule can be arranged to allow each parent time to spend in their vacation home with their children. Compromise can again help in less than ideal situations and provide a positive resolution.

Parenting And Divorce

Parenting that follows rules established during the divorce is the right course to take; however, post-divorce concerns can still happen. Parents are often tempted to argue over how the other is handling things on their time, which should of course be avoided for the sake of the children. It is understandable for parents to be concerned when their children are with the other parent and no longer under their sole control. Sadly, fighting about it often leads the couple back to the lawyers who handled their divorce and often back to court. Parents should instead discuss and then establish a set of agreed-upon rules regarding childcare and parenting. These rules should help keep both parents happy.

A conflict resolution plan can help as well. This set of rules states the responsibilities that both parents agree to follow. There must be good communication between both parents if they feel modifications are needed. Staying out of the court depends upon the willingness of both parents to work together for everyone’s benefit, and upholding their end of the agreement.

Divorce attorneys understand that divorces are never easy. Each party wants to feel that they have concluded the divorce with the most positive arrangement. Such an outcome requires each partner to think creatively, compromise, and work together for the best outcome. Law firms experienced with handling divorce cases can give clients the opportunity to discuss their concerns with experienced divorce lawyers who can guide them through the divorce process and help them discover creative choices to solve any problems that may arise.

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