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Back to school time can be stressful for families dealing with a recent divorce. As many family law attorneys know, there are a lot of questions about who should do what to ensure that children receive the care and support they need to facilitate learning. Child custody lawyers find that the best way for parents to handle their child’s needs is with effective co-parenting, especially regarding school and school-related decisions.

Using the following tips, divorced parents can work together to ensure their child has a great school experience and stays on track with lessons. Rather than ending up sitting with a child custody attorney to iron out disagreements, parents can work these ideas into their parenting schedules to get the best results for and with their children.

Communication Is Essential

As with all other aspects of divorce, communication between parents about school things is essential. Even though parents are not living together, both need to stay informed of all school, health, and other related details so that their children can attend school and do well, unburdened by the stress of their parents’ divorce. Family law lawyers stress that good communication is instrumental in preventing and resolving minor issues before they become disruptive problems.

School Supplies and Needs

According to Texas family code, school supplies that include school uniforms are to be paid for with child support, which can become an issue. When the cost of school supplies will use up a large portion of the child support payment, child custody lawyers recommend that parents discuss this issue and come up with a workable solution. These supplies are a necessity, so parents should split the cost if possible. After purchasing any school needs, parents should make sure the child’s school backpack always stays with the child so there is never a reason why schoolwork doesn't get done.

Create A Family Calendar

Along with good communication is an important need for both parents to understand what is required and when regarding school, homework, parent meetings, and other school-related events. The best way for both parents and their children to stay informed on all of this is to create a family calendar everyone can access. This can be easily done using one of many online programs or phone apps.

Attend School Meetings Together

Even though parents are divorced, a child custody attorney as well as the school both recommend that parents try to attend school meetings together. In this sense, both parents get an opportunity to talk to teachers together and stay involved in their child’s education.

Plan for Weather and Other Circumstances

Sticking to a schedule is important for divorced parents; however, the weather or other unexpected circumstances can affect that schedule. Discuss ahead of time how to handle such emergencies to ensure that children get to and from school as needed even when things don't go as planned.

Keep Everyone In the Loop

Besides great communication, parents should also take time to make sure that important school news, child photos, and other items of family importance get shared. This goes for sharing information with extended family as well, so that everyone can stay involved with the child’s life and growth, even throughout the busy school year.

As child custody lawyers know, divorce is not stressful on both parents and any children. The best way for parents to reduce everyone's stress is to work together and handle school-related concerns effectively. Family law attorneys find that parents who communicate well and keep each other engaged in their child’s schooling help their child succeed in school and get through the school year more easily. To discuss these ideas further, parents can talk to a child custody attorney or contact experienced family law lawyers who can help.

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