To say that getting a divorce can be an extremely emotional life event for some would be an understatement, as any divorce attorney can attest.

It’s a process that forces spouses to face the unpleasant truth that their relationship has failed, then have to deal with the process of dividing their collective life into two separate ones with the guidance of their divorce lawyers.

Some divorce situations can definitely become emotional roller coasters, especially when spouses disagree and getting through a divorce becomes harder than expected.

As unpleasant and challenging as all of that may be, there is one thing that couples working to finalize their divorce with the help of legal services can admit to be accurate: the emotional roller coaster is normal during divorce and most people deal with it.

Divorce Brings Out A Range of Emotions

Because getting a divorce is painful in many ways, psychologists and attorneys often point out that it can bring out a range of emotions in stages as people get to the point of divorce, then begin to move through the legal process:

  • Stage 1: Disillusionment with the Marriage - Discontent between partners, feelings of dissatisfaction, and other situation that build negative feelings and are commonly withheld.
  • Stage 2: Open Dissatisfaction - The partners begin to verbalize their dissatisfaction with the marriage, which is commonly accompanied by feelings of anger, guilt, doubt, and tension as well as attempts to repair the marriage through counseling.
  • Stage 3: Deciding to Divorce - One or both partners may now feel angry and there are feelings of sadness, resentment, and anxiety about the future until one or the other begins to talk about seeking a divorce lawyer, which can bring about more intense emotions.
  • Stage 4: Committing to Divorce - Starting the process by obtaining legal services, filing paperwork, and breaking the news to family and friends can bring about more periods of anger, sadness, and guilt as well as periods of emotional detachment as the process actually begins. This stage can last a long time as the process continues and even after the divorce is finalized, with moods and feelings fluctuating rapidly with each day.
  • Stage 5: Acceptance - Getting to the point of acceptance can happen quickly for some and take a long time for others, during which continued feelings of sadness or guilt may be common. Once acceptance has been reached, individuals are finally able to move on to live their new lives freely and build a new future for themselves with any negative feelings more under control.

Allow the Emotions to Come Out

With so many emotional stages being a part of getting a divorce and so many individual emotions felt during each of those stages, divorce attorneys understand that from start to finish, it can surely seem like an emotional roller coaster.

Although it can be exhausting and depressing with emotions flaring then calming over and over again, it is important that everyone allows themselves to experience such emotions and does not try to bottle them up.

Expressing natural emotions is a necessity for making progress, even in uncomfortable situations.

Counseling can be very helpful as it gives those going through the pain and feelings of divorce an avenue for getting all those feelings out while offering important guidance for getting through them all.

The Emotional Ups and Downs of Divorce Are Normal

As difficult as this time in one’s life can be, going through many different emotions during the divorce process is normal for most people.

That’s why it’s so important to find a compassionate divorce lawyer who understands all of this and can provide the skilled legal services necessary to get through the process as quickly and painlessly as possible.

By helping spouses to plan accordingly and more easily resolve any problems encountered along the way, a skilled attorney is a critical part of the divorce process so that his or her clients can find closure so that life can move on to stop the emotional roller coaster ride of divorce.

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