When filing for divorce is a serious consideration for you and the stress of the holidays is becoming harder to handle, it is not uncommon to feel the urge to retain divorce legal services right away and file as soon as possible.

Before doing that, consider the fact that divorce attorneys often recommend waiting until after the holidays to file.

These experienced lawyers find that waiting until the new year to file for divorce could be more beneficial for you in a few significant ways.

Don't Make A Holiday Emotional Decision

Holidays are an emotional time for many reasons, whether it relates to a failing marriage, concern for children, lost loved ones, the absence of certain family members, and more which makes the holiday season difficult for many.

Heightened emotions can spur us to take action on things sooner rather than later.

Even if there are incidents that increase anger and emotions between spouses, divorce lawyers recommend against filing for divorce until the holidays have passed having seen through their clients that the worst time to make important decisions like this is when emotions are high and it is hard to think straight.

Instead, many attorneys suggest waiting until the new year to let the emotions settle down and then if filing for dissolution of your marriage still appears to be the right thing to do, seek the help of divorce attorneys to start the filing process with a clear head.

If you have kids, this will be better for them as well.

Wait Until Holiday Stress Is Over

The holidays can be one of the more stressful times of the year for many, adding to the tension that may already be present in a failing marriage.

As hard as it may seem, try to hang in for a few more weeks until after the new year to begin the process with divorce legal services.

Starting the process during the holidays will only add more tension and personal stress that you are already facing.

Taxes and Other Financial Matters

There are also some practical reasons why attorneys suggest divorcing after the new year, many of those relating to financial matters.

If paperwork is signed before January 1, it may delay the ability to easily file taxes for the current year until all financial decisions have been made regarding the divorce.

In addition, if your spouse has significant financial year-end bonuses that will be paid, waiting until after the holidays may entitle you ;to a share of that money as part of the division of marital assets.

New Year, New You?

Though most New Year's resolutions tend to get broken, divorce lawyers suggest that waiting until the new year to file can offer a brighter outlook for you in the new year.

Having already dealt with all the issues that led to make a divorce decision, deal with one last holiday even if involves additional emotion and stress and then work towards a new start in a new year.

Make a plan entering the new year to find experienced divorce legal services and start the process toward a “new you” after the process is concluded.

Wait Until The Holidays Are Over

The holidays should be a happy time for all, not one filled with the stress of divorce.

Although divorce attorneys do recognize that a failing marriage and holiday emotions can be stressful enough to deal with, they also know that decision-making will be easier once the stress of the holidays is over.

Take this time and even a little bit after the holidays to reconsider everything while moving past this end of year timeframe, then consult with a divorce lawyer when calmer and ready to start the process.

At that point, you will be more certain that filing a divorce is the right thing and ready to obtain the legal services needed to do it as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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