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Marriages can go through some difficult times for a variety of reasons. Although the idea of separating may be lurking in the background of a marriage for some time, many divorce attorneys can attest to the fact that a spouse is often surprised or caught off guard when the other spouse actually files for divorce. This is why it is important to recognize the warning signs that a marriage may be heading towards a divorce and that it is time to speak with divorce lawyers.

Negative Interactions

A clear sign that there is trouble on the horizon is when any interactions between spouses are negative more often than positive. Healthy relationships thrive with positive interaction, while the opposite occurs when exchanges between a couple become increasingly negative. Although this by itself is not enough to suggest a break up is forthcoming, divorce attorneys suggest that when coupled with some of the other behaviors mentioned below, it could be a sign not to be ignored.

Refusal to Communicate or Resolve Conflicts

Commonly referred to as stonewalling, spouses who refuse to communicate make it difficult to address the issues the relationship is facing. This sends a hostile message to the other spouse and commonly breaks down any ability to resolve conflicts as well. When one spouse shuts down to avoid any kind of open discussions or becomes unwilling to participate in the conversations or changes necessary to resolve marital conflicts, it may be time to speak with a mediator or discuss the situation with experienced divorce lawyers.

Changes In Behavior

Another clear warning sign that one spouse might be thinking about divorce is significant changes in their behavior in comparison to usual habits. This can include many things such as staying away from home more than normal, paying more attention to appearance, and/or ignoring the emotional and sexual relationship that was once a large part of the marriage. Behavioral changes that suggest a request to end the marriage could be coming may also include ignoring the marriage and becoming completely involved with the children.

Dissolving of Relationships

Along with behavioral changes, divorce attorneys stress that breakdowns in the emotional and physical relationship previously shared by a couple are another prime indicator. A spouse may begin looking outside the marriage for emotional support by becoming interested in a new religion, joining a new group activity, or taking a different job that requires more working hours away from the home. A spouse may also begin dissolving not only the relationship with their spouse but also with certain family members and mutual friends as preparation for continuing life as a single person without marital attachments. Divorce lawyers find that all of these actions could be signs that a spouse may be preparing to ask for a divorce.

Whether both spouses agree about ending their marriage or not, divorce attorneys advise that it is important to understand the signs of what may be coming, try to do something about it, or at least be prepared and not surprised if the other spouse files for divorce. Not every situation has to end in the couple separating if mediation can help. Yet when dissolving the marriage becomes a likely option, a spouse who has recognized the warning signs can be prepared for this possibility with the help of experienced divorce lawyers who will work with to protect their interests.

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