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Child custody negotiations can be a challenge for a father facing an uphill battle when seeking to be involved in the lives of his children. Fortunately, family law attorneys know that the tendency to favor mothers over fathers is changing in some instances. Fathers are obtaining equal custody more today than ever before.

Fathers in Texas working with an experienced child custody attorney can more likely obtain joint custody in many instances. Based on this important information, family law lawyers find that dads in Texas are receiving consideration for joint custody as the courts recognize that joint parenting is better for the children.

A Shift Toward Co-Parenting

In the past, many family courts automatically sided with mothers and made obtaining joint custody a challenge for fathers; more states including Texas are adjusting their opinions on this issue.

Although no legislation is currently in place in Texas to change any of this, family law attorneys recognize that fathers working with a child custody lawyer are receiving more consideration in some cases. The Texas family court is more favorable about co-parenting and more willing to consider joint child custody if the circumstances warrant such an approach.

Parenting Trends And Schedules

Working parents many times have flexible schedules, making it easier for fathers and mothers that work to be equal caretakers. With representation by a knowledgeable child custody attorney, fathers are demonstrating an ability to take equal responsibility for their children and receiving joint custody as a result.

Co-Parenting Is Better for the Children

Co-parenting and joint custody has become a preferred way to handle childcare and parenting, as recent research has shown that children benefit greatly from such an approach. They develop better personal relationships with both parents despite the divorce and tend to be happier and better adjusted overall. As a result, child custody lawyers are often successful in helping today’s fathers receive an award of joint custody.

Lawyers who practice family law agree that Texas fathers seeking joint custody of their children in an uncontested situation have a better chance to do so based on today’s evolving views about co-parenting. Any father interested in requesting joint custody of his children should contact an experienced child custody attorney and discuss individual circumstances. Fathers who are willing to make the necessary commitments can work with child custody lawyers to show they are equally suited to parent as their former spouse. As a result, dads are more likely to receive consideration by the family court regarding joint custody.

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