Having children and raising a family is a joy to most; however, certain circumstances can turn parenthood and child raising into a legal nightmare. When situations arise that leave questions as to who legally has parental rights or how a child should be raised, it is important to find family law attorneys who are experienced in lawsuits affecting parent-child relationships – also known as a Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship or SAPCR lawsuit. For the benefit of the children involved, getting such problems resolved quickly and appropriately is best.

What Is a SAPCR Lawsuit?

An SAPCR lawsuit affecting the parent-child relationship is a legal action involving any questions regarding the legal relationship between a parent and a child. Family law attorneys say this can refer to parental rights based on various situations when parental rights are challenged or refused or also when there are disagreements about parental legal responsibility.

The Significance of Parental Rights

Experienced family law attorneys know that being a parent involves more than simply just being the biological mother or father of a child. It means having legal parental rights that allow them to make important decisions for minor children who are too young to make decisions on their own.

Adults with parental rights may not always be the birth parents. With the assistance of qualified family law attorneys, a step-parent or another adult who is responsible for the child can petition the court for reassignment of this position and be granted the legal right to make decisions on behalf of the child. The person with legal parental rights is responsible for many important decisions involving the child as well as for their care.

When Parental Rights Are Questioned

Biological parents normally assume parental rights when their child is born, each parent sharing that responsibility. Establishing parental rights can become a problem when: one parent is missing or location unknown; a couple may be divorcing before the child is born; or other similar circumstances. This is especially true when parentage must be verified, often because one parent or the other is demanding or refusing parental rights. Family law attorneys state that the ability to reassign parental rights depends on determining and established who currently has such rights.

As simple as it may seem, situations do arise between the parents of a child that make it something other than a SAPCR lawsuit, such as child custody cases resulting from a divorce. With the help of family law attorneys, these cases are typically heard before the court or determined through mediation and then approved by the court. The results will determine how parental rights are assigned. Sometimes unpleasant, these lawsuits may be necessary to legally determine parentage and establish parental rights. The arrangements can be modified as necessary and as allowed by the law. In the end, the courts consider what is most beneficial for the child or children involved, including establishing and/or assigning parental rights.

Parents involved in situations where their parental rights are being challenged should contact experienced family law attorneys with a good knowledge of and experience with SAPCR lawsuits. The proper legal assistance can help a parent get through these very confusing, and often emotional, cases with the most favorable results for all involved – especially the children.

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