During the child adoption process, prospective parents are required to submit to a home study; it is performed by an adoption agency before an adoption can be approved. Although they may seem intrusive and stressful to adopting parents, these home inspections are an important part of the adoption process and there are valid reasons why they are required by adoption agencies and the state of Texas. Adoption attorneys who are familiar with these home studies and recognize their importance can help clients successfully handle the study and be able to proceed with the adoption process.

Adoption Home Studies

Many adopting parents seek the help of adoption lawyers who are familiar with this process to help them reach a successful conclusion.  The first step in the adoption process is to submit an application for adoption to the chosen adoption agency, along with any required fees.  The application asks for personal information about those seeking to adopt, as well as information about family situation where the child would live.

If the information provided is acceptable, the prospective parents are notified of this and advised that the next step must be done, which is the home study phase. The home study is usually performed by a social or case worker assigned by the adoption agency. If the adoption is private, an adoption agency can still use state-approved social and case workers to perform the study.  

What Is Involved in An Adoption Home Study?

Experienced adoption attorneys advise their clients that a social worker will arrange for a home study to be done when that time is appropriate.  This visit serves two purposes: 

1.    Determine if the home can provide a clean, healthy environment and be a safe place for a child to be raised.

2.    Decide whether a family situation is the right one in which to place a child.

The interviewer will ask many questions and speak with all members of the household, including any minor and/or adult children; they will also ask to see any pets.  Some time will be spend just observing the family unit as it functions to see if the addition of a child will allow the home to continue to function well.

Why Are Adoptive Home Studies So Important?

Of all the information gathered during a home survey, adoption lawyers say the most important things a case or social worker wants to consider are:

1.    The reason why the family wants to adopt a child.

2.    How they plan to raise an adopted child.

3.    How will they handle any potential problems that normally arise with any child, adopted or not.

The survey must determine that an adoptive child is being placed with a family that truly wants to provide for that child's health, safety, and emotional well-being under all circumstances. The fact that the child is adopted should not factor into how he or she will be raised or treated.

The process of adoption can be lengthy and stressful, with the adoption home survey a seemingly large part of such stress. Prospective parents working with experienced adoption attorneys should remember that they are not being judged as people during this process. Adoption agencies must take every step possible to ensure they are placing a child in what will be a safe, loving home. Applicants seeking private or agency adoption, or who may have questions about the application or a home survey, should enlist the assistance of experienced adoption lawyers who can help them complete the long yet loving journey to adoption!

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