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It is certainly possible to understand why divorces involving minor children can be so emotional and difficult to resolve. Even when parents try to remain civil during a divorce, Texas family law attorneys know that custody issues can be intense and stressful to both parents and children alike.

Whenever children are involved in a divorce action being handled by an experienced family law firm, the court may appoint a Guardian ad Litem to facilitate the process. Each representative is an officer of the court, not necessarily an attorney, who is appointed by the family court to be an advocate for the child’s best interest. He or she is an active voice for a child whose parents are facing the challenges of a difficult divorce.

What Is A Guardian Ad Litem?

A Guardian ad Litem, or GAL, is a person who may be appointed by the family court to represent a child during custody proceedings when divorcing spouses and their family law attorneys cannot agree on custody arrangements. The goal of this person is to help the court fairly examine both sides of the situation and recommend what arrangement would be best for the child. Including the recommendations of the GAL, the family court will prepare a court order for the custody and care of the child.

What Does A Guardian Ad Litem Do?

A Guardian ad Litem works for the family court system and not for any family law firm. In situations where a family court judge assigns a Guardian ad Litem, the person assigned will work to protect the best interests of the child by: interviewing the child and any person involved in the care of that child including parents; review medical care provided for the child; and seek the child's opinion of the proposed action when appropriate, among other functions. The Guardian ad Litem seeks to get a good overall view of the child, his or her parents, and their ability to provide care for the child, all of which is reported to the judge.

Investigations may include interviews with parents, family members, teachers, other witnesses, and the involved child. Using this information, the GAL will prepare a facts-based and impartial view of the situation and file a report with the court along with his or her recommendations regarding the custody of the child. The judge will then review this information in addition to hearing testimony presented by the parents and their family law attorneys to render a decision regarding the child's custody.

Texas family law attorneys work with their clients to reach amicable custody agreements during the trying times of divorce. Yet when spouses simply cannot agree on custody arrangements, the family court may appoint a Guardian ad Litem to be an advocate for the involved child's best interests. As an officer of the court, the Guardian ad Litem provides an essential voice for the child. This effort is to ensure that final custody arrangements presented by family law firms on behalf of their clients include the best interests and desires of the child as much as the court deems possible.

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