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When a person is considering adoption in Texas, it is most often an anticipated and joyful event. Families are looking to share their home with another young person – and children who often come from broken homes are looking for a ‘forever family.’ Deciding to open up your home and your hearts to another family member may be a simple and easy decision – working through all of the necessary adoption legal paperwork can be overwhelming.

If you are considering an adoption, there are some basic guidelines that must be met:

  • The adopting parent(s) must be 21 years of age or older.

  • The person(s) who are adopting must have a sound financial basis.
  • They must demonstrate being mature and responsible adults.
  • The completion of a home study must be done.

These are just the beginning steps in the adoption process. The accurate and timely completion of all of these steps usually requires the experience and dedication of adoption lawyers who are familiar with the legal requirements and paperwork that must be completed. Don’t attempt this on your own – seek the services of a lawyer who knows how to guide you through the adoption process!

Need A Compassionate Adoption Attorney?

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Jana is an amazing attorney. Very professional, honest and knowledgeable. She doesn’t pull punches nor feed you empty promises. She may not be the cheapest in town but she is worth every single penny!!! Highly recommend her!

Amanda Yates

Mrs. Foreman and Diane are amazing at what they do. They are the reason my niece and nephew are SAFE and HAPPY now. There’s not enough thank you for what they did for my brother. I thought it was impossible for my brother to get full custody of his children but Jane and Diane made it happen.

Jana Foreman has done the absolute most in making our family whole. My husband struggled for years to get custody of his daughter and Jana was able to make it happen. She was very open and straightforward with us throughout the whole process, even when we were feeling discouraged. She even helped us with the adoption of our son immediately after getting custody of my stepdaughter. Jana and Diane both are the most wonderful people to work with and we couldn’t be happier to know them. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for us!!!
Amy Stubbs
If you’re looking for a family lawyer who’s not just out to make a quick dime & who actually cares what’s best for you then hire Jana Foreman! There isn’t enough words to express how satisfied I am with her services!
Reece Edenfield

When you are unsure of your rights or the best course of action, it’s reassuring to know that you can turn to an experienced family lawyer for help. We strive to make a difference one case at a time.