The family is believed to be the most fundamental, private, and lasting of relationships. Unfortunately, these relationships are rarely free of conflict. When family issues cannot be resolved within the home, family law attempts to provide a fair solution for all parties involved.

For many, family law is primarily associated with divorce proceedings. In reality, divorce is a small part of family law which includes a variety of domestic matters including adoption, paternity, and child support among other issues.

The most difficult part of any family law matter is not knowing what to expect. It is vital to obtain legal advice as soon as possible. Being informed and knowing your rights and responsibilities will be necessary to make sound decisions.

Our firm possesses the expertise and experience to present our clients with all options available and will work with you to recommend a course of action specific to your individual situation and goal.

With a dedicated legal team and broad insight into family law cases. We provide representation for clients in the following matters:



The handling of adoption is unique to each state. In Texas, it is important to seek the help of a family law attorney who is experienced in adoption proceedings and the law that applies in this state.

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Child Custody

The care and custody of minor children is a sensitive area often a part of divorce proceedings. In Texas, child custody revolves around the arrangement known as joint managing conservatorship.

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The ending of a marriage is often a difficult and emotional period of time. The complexities of divorce in Texas need the knowledge and support of an experienced divorce lawyer.

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