If Less Than A Year – Can My Child Custody Order Be Modified?

Child custody orders written by the family court are done to best accommodate both parents and their children.

While these orders generally work well for all involved parties, child custody lawyers do acknowledge that circumstances may arise among parents where a change in the court order is needed.

Unfortunately, unless [...]


Making The Stress of Divorce Easier On Your Kids!

Divorce can be extremely stressful on children who may not understand what is happening when their parents decide to split up and why.

If you and your spouse have decided to divorce and have children, divorce attorneys find that even besides the issues of child custody, you must also face [...]


I’m Divorcing in Texas – How Is Child Custody Determined?

When Texas couples with children divorce, one of the critical factors that child custody lawyers can advise about is child custody and how they can successfully raise their child beyond divorce.

In Texas, custody laws can be confusing, so it’s important that divorcing couples fully understand them along with how [...]


Moving Out of State and Child Custody – What Must I Do?

If you are a divorced parent in Texas with joint conservatorship of your child who lives with you, in most cases your custody agreement contains an order that you must reside locally so both parents have access to the child and can co-parent successfully.

Should you want or need to move, [...]


Are You Ready to Handle the Emotional Stages Of Your Divorce?

Divorce may be a life-disruptive, emotional roller coaster that can leave you wondering if your life will ever be normal again.

Rather than heading into the process blindly, divorce lawyers advise their clients that preparing yourself emotionally can be a huge help.

Part of that preparation involves knowing there are [...]


An Unplanned Pregnancy and Adoption – What Are Your Choices?

An unplanned pregnancy can be an emotional, life-changing event in your life and leave you wondering what you should do.

Adoption attorneys understand that you may be very scared and unsure of what your options are to deal with the situation and what choices you may have.

Adoption through local [...]


A Financial Listing For Your Divorce – You Must Be Truthful!

The division of marital property is one of the more challenging and often heated parts of divorce proceedings that many divorce lawyers encounter when representing a client during a divorce.

Divorce attorneys find that property division is a prime cause of contested divorces; it is also a time when one [...]


How Can We Prepare For Our Upcoming Adoption Home Study?

The adoption process that you and your adoption attorneys will enter when you are seeking to adopt a child is a lengthy, complex one.

It is comprised of many parts, each of which will help adoption legal services make the right decisions for you and the child you wish to [...]


Co-Parenting – What To Do When The Going Gets Tough!

Co-parenting is the preferred option in most divorce cases as child custody lawyers and the family court system find that children raised by both parents tend to benefit greatly from this arrangement.

Yet sometimes it can be a real challenge for spouses following a co-parenting plan and you may end [...]


How Does Residency Affect Your Filing For Divorce?

A common question that many people have for divorce attorneys is whether it matters where they file for divorce and if filing first can impact the case.

In Texas, there are a few rules that dictate where your attorney can file a petition on your behalf.

Whether or not filing [...]