Dealing with the custody of minor children in Texas is often a side issue when handling a divorce – and often a very emotional and stressful time for both parents and the minor children. The term child custody is not used as often; parenting plans is a modern term for establishing guidelines that both parents will agree to follow once the divorce is final.

The judicial system approaches this topic with one primary concern: protecting the best interests of the child or children. Sole conservator awards physical and legal child custody to only one parent, while joint conservators are both parents.

The following factors are examined by the court regarding each parent’s:

  • Capability to raise the children.
  • Future plans for themselves and the children.
  • Stability of the home setting.
  • Past or potentially future abuse or harm to the children.
  • Handling of current physical and emotional needs for the children.

Being able to handle such important legal concerns often requires the services of child custody attorneys who are experienced in the handling of sensitive child custody issues. The preferred arrangement for minor children is to have parents agree on a plan for the raising of the children. If this cannot happen for whatever reason, it is the role of child custody attorneys to act as a mediator and work with the other spouse’s attorney to reach a parenting plan that is agreeable to all.

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