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When parents divorce, family law attorneys can help them reach favorable custody arrangements based on their own unique circumstances. Child custody attorneys find that in most situations, shared custody or joint managing conservatorship as it is known in Texas is preferred by the court and more beneficial for the child.

Despite this, there are some misconceptions that could cause you to question whether this arrangement is best for you and your child. Allow child custody lawyers to discuss these ideas to furnish you with helpful information about this subject.

Misconception #1 - No Child Support with Shared Parenting

One important fact that child custody attorneys stress is that child support decisions are not based solely on parenting arrangements. Whether you or your spouse must pay support and how much must be paid is dependent on a number of details including both salaries and any disparity between those two amounts along with other factors.

Family law attorneys point out that in most cases, support is decided based on financial need to help balance the cost of raising the child. As such, a joint managing conservatorship arrangement on its own does not mean that the parent with primary conservatorship will not receive support payments.

Misconception #2 - Time in Multiple Homes is Detrimental

While the movement back and forth between homes will definitely require some acclimation, child custody lawyers advise their clients that most kids handle this well after a short period of adjustment. What has been found to be more detrimental is restricting access to one parent in an effort to keep children centralized in one home.

Family law attorneys note that the greatest benefit to your child that will help them deal with transitioning between homes is good communication between you and your former spouse. When exchanges are calm, happy events without confusion or conflict and children receive care and support from both parents, they will thrive in both homes.

Misconception #3 - Young Children Should Always Be With The Mom

It used to be thought that the mother should provide all care to a baby until over the age of three to ensure proper emotional development. In reality, child custody attorneys now understand that more recent research does not support this idea. Instead, experts are now aware that when a father is removed during early development, it can affect the relationship with the child who may later view the father as uncaring or an outsider.

To nurture happy, healthy relationships with both parents, they must both be included in upbringing regardless of the age of the child.  

Misconception #4 - Parental Conflict Should Require Restricted Access

Conflict between parents is never good and can be stressful to children. Yet restricting one parent from having access to their children is not the answer as it could prevent the development of a healthy parent-child relationship. Child custody lawyers and mediators agree that the most effective solution is for parents to overcome conflict challenges and agree to put their kids needs first. If necessary, seek legal help or mediation where you can calmly discuss issues and come to collective agreements.

Recent studies suggest that in most cases, shared parenting is a beneficial arrangement for children. Family law attorneys advise their clients that a joint managing conservatorship arrangement can nurture close and healthy relationships with both parents and children. There are many misconceptions circulating about shared parenting arrangements that can be very misleading and most of them are just that - misconceptions.

To give your child the benefit of two nurturing homes and a loving relationship with both parents, you should discuss these ideas about shared parenting with experienced child custody lawyers who can dispel these myths!

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