When couples with children decide to end their marriage, divorce attorneys advise that the process can become more complicated and lengthy than if children were not involved.

If you are looking at divorce, you may need to speak with lawyers who are experienced in drawing up parenting plans to help reach agreements on the most important custody issues.

This will ensure that the arrangement is in your child’s best interest so the family court will grant the order.

To keep the process on track and have the best outcome, divorce lawyers recommend that divorcing parents take the necessary steps to avoid certain parenting mistakes that could affect the final custody and parenting order.

1. Don’t Restrict Access To The Children

This is a common mistake that divorce attorneys see parents make during the divorce process.

Until a final custody order is ironed out, neither spouse has the right to restrict access to the children who will need both of their parents support during this time.

Lawyers who help set up parenting plans stress that parents who cannot see their children even before a custody order is made should consider requesting a temporary custody order.

This will ensure that both parents have time with the children while the divorce is in progress.

2. Don’t Avoid Involvement With The Children

Divorce attorneys recommend that parents work together to make sure that child care and access remain as close to normal as possible during the separation and proceedings.

The court wants to see both parents still taking an active part in the lives of their children.

The more involved that parents are during these proceedings, the better the custody outcome will be for both parties.

Always remember that the court wants what is in the best interest of the children; this will always be parents who are caring and involved both before and after a divorce.

3. Don’t Be Difficult

Emotions can really flare during divorce and custody proceedings.

Working with experienced parenting plans attorneys to reach agreeable custody terms and parenting plans requires cooperation and a willingness to put the children first.

Parents who are spiteful to the other spouse, inflexible, or who act difficult during this period could see this reflected in the custody agreement.

Family law attorneys warn that the court rewards cooperation and penalizes vindictiveness and an unwillingness to work together.

4. Don’t Engage in Questionable Behavior

Parents must also remember that their behavior, aside from dealing with the children during divorce proceedings, is also important.

Divorce attorneys point out that parents engaging in illegal or questionable behavior could end up losing rights in the custody agreement.

DUI's, drug use, dangerous behavior, and illegal acts can make a parent look like a threat to their children and unsuitable to care for them.

The important message from experienced divorce attorneys to their clients with children is simple.

In order to end up with favorable custody orders, spouses must work together and agree on a parenting plan that best supports their children and allows them to maintain important relationships with both parents.

Divorce and Parenting - A Final Thought

Lawyers who are experienced with drawing up parenting plans are instrumental in helping cooperative parents compromise on custody, visitation, and all other concerns for great co-parenting.

Those who work with divorce attorneys and avoid the above parenting mistakes will be much happier with the final custody order.

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