Family circumstances can become complicated for many reasons. In Texas, grandparent’s rights to visitation, and in some cases even custody of grandchildren, are protected by law. When parents deny grandparents time with their grandchildren for whatever reason, grandparents may want to consider seeking legal help from family law attorneys. The law in Texas states that grandparents have a certain right to see their grandchildren.  When visitation becomes a problem, family law lawyers can help.

Grandchildren - Grandparents Relationships

Grandparents are now more involved in the lives of their grandchildren than ever before. Many grandparents play important caretaker roles and even serve a primary parental role, forming strong familial bonds in the process. This entitles grandparents to certain family rights for visitation, depending on the current established relationship with the grandchildren. When parents divorce, grandparents retain the right to petition for visitation or even custody in certain cases to maintain familial bonds. In some situations, they may need to provide the proper care for grandchildren who are in the middle of unpleasant family circumstances.

Visitation Rights and Child Custody

Although parents normally have primary control over their grandchildren, including visitation by grandparents, when parents deny access to grandparents, they may file suit for visitation. In such instances, the family court will consider things such as the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren as well as other details about the situation to protect grandparents’ rights. Grandparents may legally request visitation or custody in opposition to the wishes of the involved parents in circumstances including the following:

  • A divorce of the child’s parents leading to grandparents being denied visitation.
  • The grandchild has been removed from parental custody. 
  • The grandchild has lived six months or longer with his or her grandparents. 
  • The parent is found to be unfit, has died, or has been sent to prison. 
  • The child has suffered neglect or abuse from a parent.

Family Law Attorneys Defending Grandparents Rights

Grandparents may find themselves in situations where access to their grandchildren has been denied, are raising their grandchildren, or have questions about parental fitness.  Under such circumstances, retaining an experienced family law attorney can prove to be helpful. Today, more grandparents are raising their grandchildren for a variety of reasons, in which case there are many benefits to have legal custody. By obtaining custody, grandparents can make important decisions in many different areas, including the child’s medical care and education. The family court in Texas upholds grandparent’s rights and family relations, awarding visitation or custody in instances when remaining in the care of the grandparents is most beneficial for that child. An experienced family law lawyer can help grandparents make a case in order to receive consideration by the courts.

Grandparents have the right to see and visit with their grandchildren. In the state of Texas, when parents either deny access to grandparents or there is reason for grandparents to seek custody, family law lawyers can be an asset. To help maintain family bonds and certainly to ensure that grandchildren receive necessary care and nurturing, grandparents need to consider consulting with family law attorneys about their specific circumstances.

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