Divorce in College Station Texas

Ending a marriage is never easy. Fortunately, not all divorces require resolution in front of a judge in a trial setting. By working with experienced divorce lawyers, you may be able to terminate your marriage quickly and easily through the use of mediation. Mediation is a required part of the divorce process in Texas and can help shorten the process and reduce the stress involved.

Although not every couple will be able to avoid going to trial, most divorce attorneys find that successful mediation increases the possibility that a settlement can be reached without that necessity.

Mediation Helpful for Many

Mediation is a process used by divorce lawyers to help you and your spouse address the issues that pertain to the termination of your marriage in order to agree upon a suitable settlement. It allows both of you to negotiate in a confidential, yet casual setting with the help of a trained mediator who is a neutral party.

Divorce attorneys find there are many benefits to mediation that can make it a preferable option for many of their client. Consider the following:

  • Less Stress - A very positive aspect of mediation is it can be less stressful and emotionally taxing than going to trial. You and your spouse will have a chance to discuss and negotiate calmly in the presence of a mediator. This person guides you through the decision-making process so both of you can make important agreements. With collaborative discussion and a focus on going forward with a different type of relationship, many couples find greater satisfaction through mediation and can complete the divorce process without the stress of a trial.
  • Faster and Less Expensive - Because mediation involves only you, your spouse, and the mediator, divorce lawyers advise that you may be able to reach agreements more quickly than through litigation. Mediation also eliminates the cost of trial resolution.

Mediation May Not Provide Every Answer

While mediation is required in Texas and offers most couples a more positive experience in getting through their divorce, there are some cases where proceeding with a trial setting may be recommended or become necessary. If there is a history of domestic violence in the marriage or any complicated issues regarding the division of marital property or child custody, mediation alone may not suffice.

Mediation that fails to address certain negative behaviors that were present in the marriage could result in an unbalanced settlement. Divorce attorneys point out that if you and your spouse still cannot come to agreement after mediation, courtroom litigation may be the only way to reach a fair settlement.

Mediation offers couples the best chance to fairly negotiate the termination of their marriage in a more relaxed and collaborative setting. Divorce lawyers recommend mediation as a lower-stress option in a divorce, especially if you and your spouse wish to avoid a trial-based resolution.

While mediation may not be successful for all couples, divorce attorneys find that those who are willing to compromise can reach a fair settlement through mediation!

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